Reflective Collars for Stray Dogs in Mumbai


‘Friend a Stray’ plans to start fundraising for assisting stray dogs at Highway, JVLR and Linkroad with reflective collars that would help them live an accident-free life at night when these roads are dark and busy. Highways at Mumbai at night are too dark and sometimes, when these stray dogs are crossing or wandering around to find food they often go unnoticed by speeding cars or trucks.

Recently, ‘Friend a Stray’ encountered 2 dead with their bodies and face crushed lying on JVLR and Goregain Highway respectively. It is time that we implement ‘Magic Collar Initiative’ of People for Cattle in India and Motopaws in Mumbai. These collars are going to serve as protective collars, avoiding accidents and assisting Car/Truck drivers.

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What are Reflective Collars?

Reflective collars are made up of jeans and reflective cloth that bounces back the light from vehicles driving around. These reflective cloths are resemblance of those which are used in making  security vest or jackets for police officials on duty at Highways or Linkroads.

Who is supporting this initiative?

When ‘Friend a Stray’ raised a concern over the fact that the stray dogs are often ran over by speeding vehicles and they wanted to implement an initiative of ‘Magic Collars by PCFI’, Save our Stray (SOS) jumped in to support this cause for which, Friend a Stray will always be thankful.

When does the fundraising starts?

FAS is trying to bring in as many supporters as they can and plan to start fundraising soon.

– Dhruwi Sarani

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Ms. Dhruwi Sadrani is a management student in Human Resources and has always been an animal lover. Due to the recent incidents on inhuman treatments towards the stray dogs, she thought it was time for somebody to step up and promote the idea of protecting the strays and creating a better world for them.

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