Collar the Strays, Mumbai

Collar the Strays, Mumbai! is the first project undertaken by Friend a Stray. This project aims to collar 150 stray dogs with reflective collars on JVLR and Highway where they are more prone to accidents and being run over.

The campaign is titled as ‘Collar the strays, Mumbai!’ as this is a pilot implementation aiming for a small number of stray dogs to be collared in Mumbai. It urges every Mumbaikar and animal lovers from all over the country to donate as this could help  and contribute to a bigger cause and save a life.


You often see a dog lying in the middle of a highway or at the corner of the street crushed and ran over. You look at him/her, feel sorry and carry on with your life. That’s what everybody does. We feel there’s nothing we can do about it. Maybe there is!  Your contribution in aiding them counts. 

Remember! Change starts from you.
Dogs don’t really need to die miserably by being run over or suffer injuries of broken leg or death by excessive bleeding. 
It is time for action!


As the part of this project, we raised funds and got in touch with NGOs which had worked in the same area prior to us. We have People for Cattle in India, Chennai supporting our cause and have also helped us with getting the required collars.

This project was started in November with 60 odd days to raise funds. After successful crowdfunding campaign and raising the desired amount we recently received our batch of reflective collars.
The drive is to be taken place in the last week of January, 2017.

We have planned the initiative to collar 150 stray dogs, feed them and treat them with basic medications. In case, we encounter dogs suffering from a disease or needs special medical attention we will have NGOs on stand by for the same.