OwnerFriend a Stray is an initiative for highlighting cruelty against stray dogs all over the world. This initiative was undertaken by Ms. Dhruwi Sadrani in 2016.

Ms. Dhruwi Sadrani is a management student in Human Resources and has always been an animal lover. Due to the recent incidents on inhuman treatments towards strays, she thought it was time for somebody to step up and promote the idea of protecting the stray dogs and create a better world for them.

She thinks that college students are the great source of spreading a message like this one and creating a network as they are active on social media and already have large groups of people with whom they could share an idea of befriending a stray dog and this could spread like wildfire. She believes that we have to act like the animal police all the time in absence or presence of animal welfare activists or media.

We live in a world where anything wrong is tweeted/shared and there are thousands using the same hashtag and standing together for a cause. Don’t you think befriending a stray dog is the need of an hour? If not, soon we’ll see a day where hundreds of dogs are fed a chicken piece with a dose of poison in it and the best reason that government would give us is ‘We are reducing the dog population’ or ‘There are increasing dog bite cases’ or something more stupider like ‘People complaint about the increase in barking of dogs’.

The reason that dogs get aggressive is when the stray dog of one area is killed or captured on the government orders, a new dog takes his place who is totally strange to that area and that crowd of dogs, making them scared and anxious. Anyway, there has to be somebody to spread something like this and create awareness, so remember! It starts with us alone.

With Friend a Stray she also aims to stress over the fact of helping the stray dogs meet their basic necessity, ie. food and health. There are thousands of dogs beaten up everyday by shallow/cruel people and need medical attention, and there are lakhs starving and need food. It is time that we come together and protect our best friends and regain their trust in us.