Story behind ‘Friend a Stray’

SupportAs a kid most of my time had gone by playing with the stray dogs. I was that one kid who would come back from school like to spend some time with the stray puppies while my mom would run around searching for me.  It is rightly said, things are better off when we are kids, oh wait! This applies only to the kids of 90’s and before. Now, there are minors burning puppies alive, aspiring doctors pushing helpless dogs off the terrace. Everything is changed, changed for the worst. The kids are no longer innocent, the literates too are setting the wrong examples. The dogs are same, they still want to be free- free from the torture of sore losers.

It is now that the media and animal activists have become intolerant when it comes to torturing and merciless killing of animals. And thanks to them, people like you and I are aware what people are actually capable to do to animals. This shallow thinking of merciless killers and torturers led to the start of an initiative I call ‘Friend a Stray’. It aims to spread a message of befriending a stray dog, create awareness, share blogs on incidents that took place in India and around, also network to people who love animals especially dogs.  

 I, through this cause invite each of you to start something new, something that you will be proud of- ‘Feed one stray dog everyday’. Remember the best volunteer you could be to someone is yourself. Volunteer yourself by befriending a dog- make this world a better place for the strays.

Friend a Stray aims to  grow and reach larger audience, it aims to network to like minded people who are ready to volunteer for a cause. Remember! We need to friend with man’s ‘best friend’ and regain their trust in us.


-Dhruwi Sadrani