Event – Collar the Strays, Mumbai!

Team "Collar The Strays, Mumbai!"

Collar the Strays! Collar the Strays, Mumbai! was the first event launched by Friend a Stray started by Ms. Dhruwi Sadrani, a management student in September 2016. As a part of this event, team Friend a Stray fed and collared almost 150 stray dogs on Highway and JVLR. The collars used in the drive were reflective collars, which helps in visibility of strays at night or in areas with dimmer street lights. Team Friend a Stray was of an opinion that it is not okay to run over a stray even if it is in a busiest city of India and the visibility on the street was low.







Friend a Stray – Team



With animal activist and actor Jaya Bhattacharya :)
With animal activist and actor Jaya Bhattacharya :)
Team - Collar the Strays, Mumbai!
Team – Collar the Strays, Mumbai!

This event was a pilot implementation and there were a lot of local residents and vendors who came out in support and actually helped Team FAS to collar the strays. Almost 15 strays die or are killed every hour, FAS aims to make Mumbai city more safer for the strays with a project that has already being adopted by a lot many cities and encouraged by a lot of animal welfare groups. The event was launched on 29th January, 2017 at 9 am at Powai Lake, Hiranandani.

It was a great success and this would’t have been possible without all the donars, contributors, and volunteers. In the collaring drive, almost 200 dogs were fed 20 Kgs of dog food. The data of the collars, dogs in the area – their color, gender, etc was recorded and is to be used in the future drives.

Collar the Strays, Mumbai!

Thank you everybody who extended their support and believed in the cause.

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Ms. Dhruwi Sadrani is a management student in Human Resources and has always been an animal lover. Due to the recent incidents on inhuman treatments towards the stray dogs, she thought it was time for somebody to step up and promote the idea of protecting the strays and creating a better world for them.

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