Being a Science nerd, I always craved for science fiction series though it is Star Trek, Lost or Orphan Black, but my new favourite is ‘The 100’. I can’t help resist myself from watching almost 8-9 episodes at a stretch in a day. I guess that’s what 20 something kids do today – watch series all day and when they are not watching any shows, they are sure browsing for a new torrent.  I started the 2nd season of ‘The 100’ and I was blown away by the end of the third episode. In the third season there was everything that could help unleash the harsh reality of what humans are capable of doing to other “humans” – right from harvesting blood of grounders (Grounders: Humans who can survive on ground even after the earth is affected by radiations) to experimenting on so called ‘Soldiers’ (Term used for humans on which drugs are tested by the people of Mount Weather).

Though it was just a series it got me thinking, how miserable would it feel to be trapped in a cage? Unable to move freely, stand or to just stretch! Waiting for your chance to get slaughtered or sitting in a cage at a pet store for someone to adopt you. There are slaughter houses, trapping animals and ruthlessly slaughtering them. I always wonder what it feels like to the others in the cages watching one of their own getting murdered? And isn’t it horrible to know that you could be next?

We know there are some humans who lack dignity and do the dirty job of slaughtering animals but then there are people who eat that meat with a glass of beer and to them I say, Meat is Murder!


Series: The 100 (Character- Anya)
                                                                  Series: The 100 (Character- Anya)

Imagine the clever scientists that the world have now, can’t be any more proud! Everyday these scientists are coming up with a new drug to defeat deadly diseases or with beauty products so that girls like you and I look more beautiful. All these drugs and cosmetics are tested on animals, and in case of drug failure these animals suffer from various reactions, go blind, deaf or even insane. Got me thinking, Are they ours to inject, hurt and test?


Even dogs are picked from the streets, trapped and then tested in laboratories with different drugs. I ask those geniuses Why? Is it their mistake that they are born homeless? Without a master who takes care of? Are they ours to abuse? I don’t think so. Dogs are tested for various psychological stresses, toxicology studies, testing insecticides and other chemicals. Grow up!

Take an Example! Think, we say Cows are like Gods for us but how many of you have actually seen the way their masters pull them on the street, drag them to an outside of a temple, tie them to the trees causing them stiffness and less of neck movement. I am sure most of you’ll must have seen this and ignored. Feeding that cow a few grass strands doesn’t make you a dignified human, raising your voice when the same cow is being abused will surely make one!

It is time we raise our voice against these animal abusers and make world a better place for animals.



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Ms. Dhruwi Sadrani is a management student in Human Resources and has always been an animal lover. Due to the recent incidents on inhuman treatments towards the stray dogs, she thought it was time for somebody to step up and promote the idea of protecting the strays and creating a better world for them.

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