FOR THE LOVE OF DOG! -Give them a Break

Weeks old disheartening news of 5 minors burning 3 puppies alive in Mushreerabad, Hyderabad took me by a storm. The video took away a part of me; it was disheartening, disappointing and cruel to watch.

I thought to myself was that for real? Did they really burn the puppies alive? Did they really push them back in the fire when they try to crawl their way out? Did they record the screams and cries of the puppies and thought that was something to brag about? Didn’t they feel like sore losers after what they did to the poor strays?

It saddens me when I say this, Five Minors Burning 3 Puppies Alivethat social media which was once meant to communicate and socialize effortlessly has now been mistaken for uploading cruel videos and getting famous.

The incident that took place in Hyderabad, revealed that the 5 boys played with ‘few days old pups’ for a while, then started a fire using dry leaves and garbage and pushed the pups in fire. They actually took turns to push the pups back in the fire when they tried to crawl their way out of the fire. How merciless can someone be?


Anyway, thanks to a few Animal lovers and activists that these things do not go unnoticed. An activist in Mushreerabad after watching this video lodged a complaint in the local Police Station. The officials have sent the minors for counselling.

Counselling or a few hundred/thousand rupees as fine can really stop someone from harming animals? Our law against animal cruelty have to be stricter than what it is right now. It is high time we have animal police institutions in India and better laws against animal cruelty. If you are one of those people who get pleasure hurting the strays, for the love of dog! Give them a break.



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Ms. Dhruwi Sadrani is a management student in Human Resources and has always been an animal lover. Due to the recent incidents on inhuman treatments towards the stray dogs, she thought it was time for somebody to step up and promote the idea of protecting the strays and creating a better world for them.


  1. Good innitiative taken to save dogs and to save other animals too. Keep the Good work. I support this innitative.

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