Friend a Stray, is an initiative that aims to highlight incidents on cruelty especially towards stray dogs all over the world and create awareness. Friend a Stray works on a principle that ‘You are free to not like stray dogs, but you have no right to hurt or abuse them’. 


Our aim is to reach larger audience especially who love dogs and promote the idea of adopting/feeding a stray. However, the primary focus is to keep the strays well fed and healthy. There are lakhs of strays out there right now starving and waiting for people like us to rescue them from an enemy called “Hunger”.

Friend a Stray is of an opinion that it is high time to create a respectable and a safe world for strays and  improve the quality of their lives.


We aim to implement a number of projects concerning welfare of the strays in Mumbai, the recent launch being Collar the Strays, Mumbai! of which we take pride in.
FAS is trying to put efforts to make a small group of animal lovers of Friend a Stray to large family who share a same vision and belief.